Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

GMCT’s community advisory committee (CAC) plays an important role, providing our trust with insights from a diverse range of cultural, religious and community groups.

The CAC is involved in the development of community engagement projects and activities which support open conversations with the community around our products and services, and on the broader issues around death and dying. The committee also provides a channel for GMCT to communicate information or seek responses from the community. CAC advocates to GMCT on behalf of consumers and the communities we serve.

It is a legislative requirement for Class A cemetery trusts to form and engage a community advisory committee. Guidelines for Class A cemetery trust CACs are available here.

This committee meets throughout the year to advise GMCT on community preferences across the breadth of our organisation, and about specific matters and issues at particular cemeteries.

The CAC comprises trust members and community members who represent various cultural, religious and interest groups local to GMCT cemeteries in the north, west and east of Melbourne.

Get involved

Our community advisory committee is currently looking for new volunteers from a range of religious, cultural and social backgrounds. 

Please contact for more information or to obtain a member application form.

Current members