Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

GMCT’s community advisory committee (CAC) plays an important role, providing our trust with insights from a diverse range of cultural, religious and community groups.

The CAC is involved in the development of community engagement projects and activities which support open conversations with the community around our products and services, and on the broader issues around death and dying. The committee also provides a channel for GMCT to communicate information or seek responses from the community. The CAC advocates on behalf of GMCT to local individuals and groups.

Committee members pose with GMCT staff during their August 2016 meeting, held at Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery in Fawkner.

It is a legislative requirement for Class A cemetery trusts to form and engage a community advisory committee. Guidelines for Class A cemetery trust CACs are available here.

This committee meets six times per year to advise GMCT of the community’s feeling about specific matters and issues at particular cemeteries.

The CAC comprises trust members and community members who represent various cultural, religious and interest groups local to GMCT cemeteries in the north, west and east of Melbourne.

Get involved

Expressions of interest are open for new members and we hope to continue to grow the membership in 2017.

Please contact for more information or to submit an application.

Current members 

Janet Borg

Janet Borg has worked and consulted extensively in the environmental and sustainability sector. She has held a number of board and committee roles across various organisations dedicated to social responsibility and improving business practice.

Janet has currently turned towards community engagement with her harp practice Soothing Your Soul. Janet plays her harp in hospital, palliative care and other settings as a form of music therapy.

Vivienne Jackson

Vivienne Jackson is a career social worker and community development practitioner who has worked across a range of diverse local and state government organisations.

Vivienne’s most recent experience has been supporting the needs and aspirations of residents with disabilities within the City of Whittlesea. She brings a passion for community advocacy and social inclusiveness to her role with the CAC.

Meg Jenkins

Meg Jenkins has a longstanding relationship with the community and not-for-profit organisations. For over 30 years, Meg has been passionate about volunteering and community development - particularly through her involvement with Williamstown Cemetery. She has a rich experience in the coordination and management of various community programs, committees and associations.

Meg holds a particular interest in the rituals, monuments and customs that individuals and groups use to honour and remember their relatives and ancestors.

Associate Professor Tammy Kohn

Associate Professor Tamara (Tammy) Kohn grew up in the USA, studied in the US and UK (Berkeley, Penn, and Oxford) and then worked as an academic for many years in the north of England, arriving in Australia in 2006 to commence a new job at Melbourne University as a social-cultural anthropologist.


She served for several years on the University of Melbourne’s Human Ethics Committee. She is a member of an interdisciplinary research team (along with Bjorn Nansen – another new member of the committee) that has been studying digital commemoration (funded both by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, as well as the Australian Research Council).  Associate Professor Kohn is eager to connect with the GMCT community and share her research knowledge on culture, ritual, and changing practices and technologies used for the deceased.

Bjorn Nansen

Bjorn Nansen is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at The University of Melbourne. He holds an ARC early career researcher award, is a Digital Media Fellow in the Melbourne Networked Society Institute, and an executive member of the Research Unit in Public Cultures.
His research focuses on emerging and evolving forms of media use in everyday life, with current projects exploring changing home media infrastructures and environments, children’s mobile media and digital play practices, and the digital mediation of death and remembrance. He is a co-author of Death and Digital Media (Routledge, forthcoming).

Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang

Venerable Tang is a practising monk and community leader. Arriving in Australia from Vietnam in 1998, Venerable Tang quickly became involved in bridging the gaps between new and established Australians and contributing to Vietnamese-to-English translations of key Buddhist texts.

He currently volunteers as a Buddhist chaplain at a range of Melbourne hospitals and has held a number of roles as part of community committees. Venerable Tang also leads weekly retreats and services as the spiritual leader of Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery.

Recent members


Allocation of Orthometals funding

GMCT works with international company Orthometals to recycle metals following cremator processes. Funds raised through this recycling are used to support charities and aligned support organisations identified by the CAC.

Partnership with the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB)

The partnership with ACGB has provided funds via Orthometals to support:

Dying To Know Day 2016

CAC members attended and contributed to discussion about death and dying during GMCT’s Dying to Know Day event, which provided community members with an opportunity to take a tour of a mausoleum and learn about the cremation process from our crematorium supervisor.   

GMCT focus areas

The CAC is consulted on pricing and engagement planning across GMCT cemeteries, including the new developments at Keilor Cemetery, Northern Memorial Park and Lilydale Memorial Park.

GMCT’s community engagement plan 2016-18 is currently under development.