• Date: 28/02/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT was a proud sponsor of the ‘Death and Dying – Lifting the Lid on it’ comedy event held last week in Nunawading.

On Thursday 23 February, comedian Jean Kittson entertained a crowd of over 150 with her humorous and sometimes poignant take on death and dying, before mingling with guests over supper.

The light-hearted part of the evening was balanced by a series of insightful talks delivered by industry leaders, including Andrea Grindod, Health Promotion Officer Palliative Care at LaTrobe University.

Grindod is passionate about people coming together to make end of life care more collaborative, supportive and community-oriented.

GMCT was a major sponsor of the event, which was hosted by the Eastern Region Palliative Care Consortium.

GMCT staff - including our community engagement and events coordinator Amanda Curtis - were on hand to answer questions about cemeteries from curious attendees and provide information to those interested in exploring the end of life process.

We were pleased to be part of an evening filled with people willing to engage in discussions around death and dying that were at times challenging, but also uplifting. 

All funds raised from the event will support the education of palliative care workers in Melbourne’s east.


Amanda Curtis assisting attendees with their enquiries.

GMCT staff pose with comedian Jean Kittson (pictured back row, second from right).