• Date: 04/03/2016
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT recently hosted a screening of ‘A Will for the Woods’ at Donkey Wheel House, supporting people to start conversations about pre-planning and informed, sustainable end of life choices.

'A Will for the Woods' follows Clark Wang, a man dying of lymphoma, as he attempts to figure out the most environmentally friendly form of burial. This quest leads to an exploration of green technology, as well as a philosophical discussion around the idea of returning to the earth upon death.

This award-winning documentary has been shown at film festivals such as the San Francisco Film Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival.

The event also featured a discussion panel facilitated by our CEO Jacqui Weatherill.

The panel members were:

  • Amy Browne, co-director and producer of ‘A Will for the Woods’
  • Pia Interlandi from the Natural Death Advocacy Network
  • Dr Tammy Kohn, a researcher in digital media and online memorialisation from Melbourne University.

This mix of knowledge and experience made for a fascinating discussion and GMCT hopes to continue to facilitate informative, sensitive and enjoyable engagement on these important topics.

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GMCT CEO Jacqui Weatherill (above) facilitated the discussion.