• Date: 27/04/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

The Atrium of Holy Angels Mausoleum at Fawkner Memorial Park has been officially opened.

GMCT was joined by over 500 guests for the occasion and was pleased to have the Most Reverend Denis Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne, bless the mausoleum. He was supported by Father Vito Pegolo who blessed individual crypts.

Gabrielle Williams MP performed the official unveiling of the plaque.

“Fawkner Memorial Park has been providing cemetery services to Victorians for over 100 years. During this time the trust has shown foresight and leadership through its dedication and innovation within the cemeteries sector - but it has also worked to cater to the needs of our diverse community – treating with the respect the cultural and religious traditions of those who live in this region,” Williams said.

“Those who work every day here…make what is often a difficult time a time families can be at peace with – and a respectful time, as well.

“As we know, these traditions are as important in death as they are in life. This leadership has paved the way for today’s celebration – the opening of the new Atrium of Holy Angels Mausoleum. The mausoleum was designed and built in close consultation with the community, whose preferences are shown in the design and construction of this structure behind us.

“I think we’ll all agree –it’s very beautiful.”

With perfect weather, Italian biscuits and coffee – along with a moving service to mark the occasion – the event was a great success.

Thank you to all who attended.