• Date: 28/06/2019
  • Cemetery: Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

Following an extensive audit of trees at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, GMCT has made the decision to remove 40 declining cypress trees along the James Street boundary due to the potential risk they pose to members of the public.

The cypress trees will be replaced with a mixture of native trees that will attract native birdlife and flourish in long-term environmental conditions, such as drought. The planting is scheduled for spring this year.

The health and safety of local residents, community members and cemetery visitors is paramount, and the removal and replacement of any tree must balance local amenity and public safety.

Proposed new plantings

As part of GMCT’s commitment to sustainability, all trees which require removal are offset with new and replacement plantings to protect and enhance the overall tree population.

When choosing replacement trees, there are a range of criteria applied to determine both location and appropriate species; these criteria include heritage considerations, climate change adaptability, landscape style, available space, pest and disease resistance, size, longevity and aesthetic value.  

It is proposed that the cypress trees will be replaced with a mix of native evergreen species which will be well adapted to the location, attract native bird life and provide seasonal interest along the James street boundary.

This mix of native species will not only provide some visual interest to enhance the existing landscape but also avoids the risk of pests or diseases, which may only affect specific species, impacting on an entire boundary. The planting is scheduled for spring this year.

Angophora hispida

Dwarf Apple

This native tree will grow up to 10 metres in height and has attractive bark, compact shape and masses of white, bird-attracting flowers.

Calothamnus quadrifidis

One-sided bottlebrush

This shrub will grow to about 2metres and has stunning red flowers which attract native birdlife. 


Acacia pendula

Weeping Acacia

A native tree with masses of wattle flowers in late winter. It has a soft weeping habit and light grey foliage.

The height of the tress is 5-10metres and width 4-6 metres. 


Eucalyptus mannifera

Spotted Gum

A native tree with attractive bark that produces light shade and is covered in white flowers in late winter and spring.

This multi-stemmed tree will grow to a height of 10–20 metres and attaining a spread of 13 metres with a trunk diameter of 30–60cm.


GMCT is now seeking feedback from the local community in relation to the proposed mix of native species to be planted along the James Street boundary.

Community members are invited to provide their feedback in writing to GMCT via email to enquiries@gmct.com.au by COB Friday 12 July 2019.


For more information please contact:

Email: enquiries@gmct.com.au

Telephone: 1300 022 298