• Date: 28/07/2016
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust has introduced a new Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping system that is now available to the public.

The GIS mapping system, which can be accessed here, includes detailed maps of 16 cemeteries managed by GMCT across Melbourne’s north, east and west, from Werribee in the west to Healesville in the east.

Users can search cemetery records with a simple name, burial or plot reference number search, and can view detailed cemetery layouts including the position of all plots and interred cremated remains, providing real time data. Certain information that is not available to the public, such as the details of Right of Interment holders (ROI) will remain confidential. Cemetery infrastructure such as buildings, roads and paths can also be viewed in detail.

Maps can be printed to show the full cemetery or details of an individual grave or memorial.

The web-based GIS application provides a modern, easy to use interface and runs on all browsers, mobile devices and smart phones.

GMCT is the first Australian cemetery to use IntraMaps technology.

GMCT’s significant investment in the new GIS is part of the organisation’s long term strategy to utilise digital technologies to enhance business practices, improve the integrity of records, and improve the experience for families, genealogists, and others seeking to access cemetery records.

The new GIS supports effective management of GMCT’s business functions including burial operations, sales and tracking, site planning and development, and will integrate with GMCT’s cemetery management, finance, and asset management systems.