• Date: 23/12/2016
  • Cemetery: Keilor Cemetery

The Keilor Cemetery gazebo in the open space adjacent to the Northern Lawn Beams and Monumental C areas is scheduled for removal. The gazebo has been assessed by GMCT and presents safety and structural concerns.

In its place, GMCT will be able to provide much-needed interment space for the local community. Some 90 new monumental graves will be constructed in the area and those holding right of interment for an existing grave at the end of a row will have the opportunity to purchase if a new neighbouring plot will be constructed.

As a result of our community consultation, GMCT will replace the gazebo with a smaller shelter closer to the pedestrian entrance (see image).

As part of the Keilor Cemetery extension, a new covered community space will be provided. Community engagement will be called for when final design of the new facility to be incorporated into the new Ely Court development is under way.

To be part of this engagement process, please register your interest at corpcomms@gmct.com.au

For more information please contact GMCT 1300 022 298