Stage 4 restrictions in place: funeral attendance limited to 10 people, face masks mandatory. Learn More


Information for our business partners detailing how funeral services are running during Victoria's stage 4 restrictions.

All funerals held in metropolitan Melbourne are limited to 10 mourners plus those required to conduct the funeral. Children who are under one year of age are not counted in the 10 person limit.  


Live-streaming is available for all funeral services in the following chapels: 

  • Altona Memorial Park: Chapel of Repose

  • Fawkner Memorial Park: Cordell, Crick and Joyce Chapels 

  • Lilydale Memorial Park: Federation Chapel 

A link to the live-stream is provided with your booking confirmation. 


Please ensure all paperwork is submitted by close of business the day prior to the service to minimise physical interactions on-site. 

This includes a list of funeral attendees including all attendees including up to 10 mourners and the staff required to conduct the funeral.

As owners of the facilities, we are required by law to keep these records for contact tracing purposes. As event organisers, we are asking you to provide this list as a condition of booking one of our venues.

Please note: if a list is provided to a church or other funeral venue, and the funeral party then proceeds to the cemetery for a burial service, we will also need a copy of the list. If any mourners have joined the funeral party between the off-site service and the burial or committal, you will need to ensure the list is up-to-date. 


Open caskets or coffins are not permitted at this time. Once a coffin or casket has been brought onto GMCT premises, it must be sealed and must remain sealed.  

Funeral protocols

Our teams will continue to practise social distancing and good hygiene at funerals all indoor and outdoor funerals.  

For outdoor services, our staff will set up, hand over and stand back for the duration of the service. Only essential equipment will be provided, and there will be no chairs provided at the graveside. 

Please ensure your staff are equipped to perform the duties required for indoor and outdoor services.