Chinese Australian achievers at the Chinese Museum

The Chinese Museum is celebrating 200 years since the first Chinese migrants arrived in Australia with 'One Million Stories', a permanent exhibition exploring the contributions of Chinese Australians.

We are proud to partner with the Chinese Museum to deliver the 'One Million Stories: Chinese Australians 200 years' exhibition. As custodians of our communities' cultural heritage, we understand the significant contributions Chinese Australians - and other migrant groups - have made to life as we know it in contemporary Australia.

The rich history of Chinese Australians is writ large in our cemeteries and memorial parks where countless impressive monuments and memorials have been established to the memories of those who have passed, and where Chinese Australians gather to honour their ancestors every year for Qingming Festival.

At The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust we are committed to partnering with our diverse communities and celebrating those who have shaped contemporary, multicultural Melbourne. We are excited to share interviews with a number of today's Chinese Australian achievers.

The 'One Million Stories' exhibition

2018 marked 200 years since the first Chinese person migrated to Australia. To celebrate the occasion, the Chinese Museum established the 'One Million Stories' exhibition in recognition of the many, varied and fascinating journeys of individuals, families and community groups that have settled, integrated and helped shape Australian society as we see it today.

The 'One Million Stories' exhibition aims to:

  • broaden the understanding of the diverse background and characteristics of Chinese Australians past and present

  • explore the evolution of Australia's cultural identity

  • celebrate the heritage and culture of contemporary Chinese Australians

  • create an inclusive national story from all pars of Australia by widely seeking contributions from people, organisations and regions to recognise the diverse histories and communities across Australia.

Chinese Australian achievers

As part of the One Million Stories Exhibition, the Chinese Museum acknowledges high-achieving Chinese Australian community members who have contributed immensely to education, science, the arts, business, food culture, sport and medicine in contemporary Australian society and culture. Below, we showcase some of the standout achievers in the Chinese Australian community.

Dr Frank Chew, OAM Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

A Chinese Australian pioneer in fetal heart monitoring, known as 'anti-natal cardiac cartography', Doctor Frank Chew is passionate about the health of Australians, and supporting women with high-risk pregnancy. Dr Chew was awarded an OAM for his many years of services to the Victorian Chinese community and his contributions to medicine.

Marita Cheng, Tech Founder & CEO

As an innovative leader in robotics, Marita Cheng has been recognised on Forbes lists for '30 Under 30' and 'the World's Top 50 Women in Tech'. She was also awarded Young Australian of the Year in 2012. With an already impressive resume, Marita founded Aubot (a telepresence robotics company), cofounded Aipoly (an app specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired), and started up Robogals, which aims to inspire a new wave of women to study engineering through robotics workshops.