Fawkner Memorial Park – footpath works

We will be repairing footpaths in listed areas at Fawkner Memorial Park.

As part of our asset maintenance program, we will be conducting new and repair footpath works in the following areas at Fawkner Memorial Park:

  • Roman Catholic T and O

  • behind the Holy Family mausolea

  • a section of 7th Avenue

  • path between the Church of England area and Jewish A

  • path from the chapel area to the toilet block to provide additional pedestrian access.

The works will be completed by 31 July.

To ensure the safety of our visitors the contractor will have the works area taped off to stop any pedestrian access.

There will be no disruption to funeral services during the footpath works.

Thank you for your patience while these footpath works are taking place.

For any enquiries please contact customer care on 1300 022 298 or via our online form.