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The consecration of Kurt Kriszhaber's headstone

Honouring the memory and life of 'Dunera boy' and Holocaust survivor Kurt Kriszhaber.

Please note: It is customary in Jewish culture to leave small stones at a gravesite to symbolise the permanence of memory, as pictured in the photo above.

Our Community Connections team is honoured to have had the opportunity to help the president of the Dunera Association, Ron Reichwald, former journalist David Nelson and the Kriszhaber family with the consecration of Kurt Kriszhaber’s headstone at Fawkner Memorial Park on Sunday 21 March 2021.

In 2015, former BBC television producer, David Nelson was working at the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center when they held ‘The Faktor Investigation – Solving the Mystery at the Museum’ exhibition. Visitors of the exhibit were encouraged to trace the history of Stanislaus and Sala Faktor's family by looking at historical documents that related to their lives. There was one letter in particular in the exhibition that caught Mr Nelson's intrigue. It was a letter from Kurt Kriszhaber.

“In November 1941, Kurt wrote a letter to Sala Faktor in New York, inquiring about an aunt and uncle in Europe.” Source David Nelson began researching Kurt Kriszhaber, a Faktor relative who spent time in an internment camp in Australia during World War II, torn from his family by the Holocaust. Read more here.

President of the Dunera Association Inc., Ron Reichwald, first contacted us in June 2020 to tell us the story of Kurt Kriszhaber and their planned consecration event. However, due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, the event was postponed until March 2021.

In place of the consecration last year, we honoured Kurt Kriszhaber on Remembrance Day for the 75th anniversary of World War II.

After several months, the consecration happened over the weekend with 11 people in attendance to commemorate the life of Kurt Kriszhaber, a 'Dunera boy' and Holocaust survivor. The event was live streamed over Facebook (below).

Further information

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