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Getting started with Zoom

This is an instruction guide if you have never used Zoom before.

Getting Started

These brief instructions should help you get started with Zoom webinar software. It allows you to virtually interact with others when in-person meetings aren't possible. 

  1. Please download Zoom and test your device early, preferably a few days before the webinar, so that you don’t miss the start of the webinar.

  2. You will receive a direct email invitation with a "Join Zoom meeting" link if you are registered for one of GMCT’s webinars or online events.

  3. To join the meeting, you simply click on the email invitation link. Remember you can join from any of the following devices:

    1. PC

    2. Mac

    3. iPad

    4. iPhone or Android smartphone.

  4. When you click on the Zoom meeting link from any of your devices for the first time, you will be asked to download Zoom Client for Meetings (software application).

Installing Zoom Client for Meetings on a Computer

Please visit Zoom Download Centre to download and install Zoom Client on to your computer.

If you have not already installed the Zoom client on your computer, you will be prompted to do this when you click on a link to join a meeting. This can delay your entry to the meeting, so it’s best to do it ahead of time.

Installing the Zoom Cloud Meetings App on a Phone or Tablet

If you are viewing this guide on your mobile device you can select the relevant link below to install the Zoom app now.

Testing your device

To test the audio and video on your device, please visit this Zoom webpage for a step-by-step guide