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Getting started with Zoom

This is an instruction guide if you have never used Zoom before.

How do I join a Zoom Webinar?

Attending a Zoom Webinar is as straightforward as clicking on a link. As an attendee, you do not need your own Zoom account to join a Webinar. You can join through an internet browser or the Zoom client from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or Zoom Room. Most attendees simply join with computer audio and never need to dial into the webinar.


How do I know if the Zoom Webinar has started?

The Zoom Webinar you are registered for will start when the host commences the meeting. You will see a 'please wait for the host to start this webinar' pop up window until the host starts the broadcast. You can find further information here.

What can I do as a Zoom Webinar attendee?

As an attendee, you can virtually raise your hand, submit questions in Q&A, and send messages to others. Your microphone will be on mute as a default, unless the host grants you permission to talk. You can find further information here.

Testing your device

To test the audio and video on your device, please visit this Zoom webpage for a step-by-step guide.

Do you have further questions?

Reach out to the Community team who will assist you.