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MyGrief app

MyGrief App is designed to help individuals, families and friends who are grieving.

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) has designed 'MyGrief' app, specifically created to support bereaved individuals, their families and friends. The free app, which has been rolled out in Australia, the USA and UK, supports bereaved people including those supporting them. 

'The App is designed to be simple to use, and uses uncomplicated language to support and guide users', says ACGB's Chief Executive, Christopher Hall.

Designed by industry professionals, the App is expected to be accessed by a broad range of Australians experiencing grief and bereavement, with the main user group initially expected to be 18 – 60-year-old males.

“Generally, men are more reluctant to seek support. Enabling them to access support privately and confidentially reduces the barrier of entry, and we are trying to reduce these barriers as much as we can,” Mr Hall said.

MyGrief app has two main components: The first includes a series of questions which will provide the bereaved person with an indication as to how effectively they are currently managing their grief. The second component provides bereaved people with support, guidance and strategies to enable them to self manage their grief journey and directs them to additional support resources when appropriate. The second component of the MyGrief app is designed to help people who are supporting a bereaved individual.

Now all Australians, regardless of location or circumstance, can access ACGB's service and can maintain control over the setting and context of their own counselling.


You can visit The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement to access resources to assist you and your loved ones.