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Webinar Series

'Compassionate Conversations' is a community webinar series brought to you by GMCT.

What is 'Compassionate Conversations'?

Compassionate Conversations is a series of free online webinars hosted by GMCT in conjunction with thought leaders and practitioners from a range of interdisciplinary fields.

These conversations are about sharing insights into topics that many of us are unsure how to approach, including reflections on ageing, grieving, and what planning ahead might look like for each of us.

What can I expect?

These online seminars are facilitated by thought leaders and practitioners from a wide range of fields who will share their insights on the journey through life, death and memorialisation. These webinars will be held online, with the opportunity for break-out rooms and facilitated discussions.

Some of the topics covered in these webinars may be difficult for some people to approach. Please be assured these conversations will be facilitated in a sensitive and appropriate manner, but consider whether the timing is right for you to explore some of these themes.

Troubles with technology?

These webinars are held online via Zoom, and we have created some resources to help you get connected. Once you've registered, these resources will be sent to you by email prior to the webinar.