Coburg headstone project

The headstone reinstatement project is now complete and all the headstones earmarked for reinstatement have been reinstated.

As part of the ongoing management of Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, we are pleased to announce that all the headstones earmarked for reinstatement in this project have been reinstated.

The reinstated headstones were removed by the previous administrator of Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery in the 1980s due to their poor condition and being posed a risk to public safety at the time of their removal.

Reinstated headstones

The reinstated headstones for the following individuals buried at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery are available to view.

Reinstatement design

To preserve and protect the fragile headstones, they have been reinstated on individual concrete plinths which feature a slight gradient to allow for water run-off. This design is practical, the most effective to preserve the headstone and the best option for public safety.

We would like to thank the Friends of Coburg Cemetery Inc. for assisting us with the project.

Family event for reinstated headstones

On Sunday 11 April 2021, we invited family members and descendants of those whose headstones were reinstated at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery.

The event also previewed the History and Heritage Hub, featured on GMCT’s website. Our growing hub currently contains profiles of people interred at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery and Burwood Cemetery, such as William Guthrie Spence, Anna Teresa Brennan and Abel Hoadley, the inventor of the much-loved Violet Crumble chocolate.

Please see photos from the event below.

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