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Coburg headstone project

As part of our ongoing improvements to Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, we are reinstating approximately 60 historic markers and headstones to their original locations.

Reinstatement works and design

The best way to reinstate and help preserve these fragile headstones is to lay them on a concrete slab which has a slight gradient to allow for water run-off. Reinstatement works have now commenced using this design which is practical, effective and the best option for public safety.

Are you a family member or descendant?

GMCT is seeking contact from the family or descendants of the individuals whose historic markers/headstones are being reinstated at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery.

In addition to the public notice on our website, GMCT is using social media seeking contact from the family or descendants for the individuals buried at the Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery.

You can view the public notice here.

What you need to do

If you are a family member or descendant of an individual buried at the Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery listed in the public notice, please contact us.