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Statement on vandalism at Northern Memorial Park.

Issued: 26 July, 2021

Vandalism at Northern Memorial Park

The CEO of The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, Deb Ganderton has expressed her disgust and dismay at the act of vandalism over the weekend that caused damage to 64 gravesites at Northern Memorial Park in Glenroy.

Damage included the spray painting of monuments, the removal of gravesite memorabilia and the destruction of several pieces of monumental sculpture.

The vandalism occurred late Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday morning. The gravesites damaged by the vandalism were in the western part of the cemetery; in particular the following sections: Hoddle Monumental A, B, C, D, Hoddle Childrens, Latrobe and Lonsdale. Police are investigating.  

GMCT has CCTV cameras installed at the cemetery. Night time security patrols occur at all GMCT cemeteries.

Currently, GMCT is in the process of contacting the families whose loved ones are interred in the gravesites that were vandalised. The cost of repairing the vandalised gravesites will be covered by a Victorian cemetery insurance scheme.

Deb Ganderton said: “This is a heartless and criminal act. Our hearts go out to our grieving families.”

She said GMCT is working with the police to provide them with information that will hopefully bring charges to those responsible.


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