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Operational updates

Providing our business partners with the latest information to support them, their clients and their families during the pandemic.

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Keeping the community safe

As advised by the Department of Health:    

  • Please wear a mask when social distancing of 1.5 metres is not possible.

  • Wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

  • Check-in to each location you attend to for contact tracing purposes.

For more information, please visit

Funeral attendance

For fully vaccinated funeral services, all people present (including funeral directors, catering and GMCT staff) must be fully vaccinated or an excepted person with a medical exemption. Persons under 12 years of age do not need to be fully vaccinated but will still count to the overall attendance limit.

Checking in via the Service Victoria QR code is still required by everyone visiting GMCT, whether attending a funeral or visiting administration buildings.

Funeral attendance limits

The following new limits apply from 11.59pm Thursday 18 November:

Venue capacity (2) 19 Nov

For outdoor services:

Funeral Directors will need to confirm the vaccination status of all mourners on the day, in accordance with their responsibility as Organiser of a Ceremony, under the new Stay Safe Directions Number 29.

If all mourners are vaccinated or an excepted person there is no limit on the number of mourners at outdoor services.

If vaccination status is not checked by the Funeral Director the attendance limit is 50.

For indoor services:

To avoid refusals at entry, GMCT requests that funeral directors nominate whether GMCT is to administer the service as “Fully Vaccinated” or “Unvaccinated” at the time of booking.

GMCT deploys COVID Marshals at each Chapel who will be advised of the service status. They will ensure attendance numbers align with the nominated status. The COVID Marshal will look to the funeral director to represent and manage the family’s wishes regarding status should a dispute arise.

If all mourners over the age of 12 are either fully vaccinated or an excepted person, the capacity of the chapels has returned to pre-Covid levels. Should the number of mourners attending exceed the capacity of the Premises, overflow is permitted.

If an unvaccinated person arrives to check-in to Fully Vaccinated service, then they will be prevented from entering. Others who are vaccinated, will be allowed to continue to enter. (Unless the funeral director instructs the Marshal to change the funeral status to Unvaccinated in which case Unvaccinated quotas will apply.)

If a mourners’ vaccination status is unknown a 1 person per 4 square metre density limit applies and masks are mandatory.


We have provided an outline of GMCT indoor venues and their maximum capacity for unvaccinated mourners under the new restrictions to help support you to plan for services in the future.

Please note, venue capacity can sometimes change between the time of booking and date of service. Your responsibility as a funeral director is to keep your family informed of such changes.

Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust venue specific attendance limits for unvaccinated services – in accordance with the Density Quotient

As at 18 November 2021 Density Quotient = 1 person per 4m2

Venue capacity 19 Nov

Visiting Reception

All visitors to reception must check in with the Services Victoria QR code, however they do not need to show evidence of their vaccination status. If they are unable to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres we ask that they please wear a mask.

Attending appointments

Visitors attending a meeting or appointment must check in with the Services Victoria QR code. If all attendees are fully vaccinated there is no limit on numbers, however they will need to provide evidence of their vaccination status. If they are unable to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres we ask that they please wear a mask.

If attendees are unvaccinated a 1 person per 4 square metre density limit applies and masks must be worn.

Funeral protocols

Our chapels are cleaned between every service. Seating plans are in place to ensure appropriate social distancing, and personal hygiene stations have been installed.

Our teams will continue following social distancing and good hygiene practices at all indoor and outdoor funerals. For outdoor services, our staff will set up and hand over to the funeral director for the duration of the service.

Only essential equipment will be provided, and there will be no chairs provided at the graveside. Please ensure your staff are equipped to perform the duties required for indoor and outdoor services.

Please ensure all funeral staff check-in using the QR codes provided at each location they work at. If unable to use the QR codes, please record your attendance by checking-in online at

Cafe and catering services 

Celeste Catering will continue providing catering for funeral services according to the current restrictions.

The Fawkner Memorial Park Tearooms are now open.


Live-streaming is available for all funeral services in the following chapels: 

A link to the live-stream is provided with your booking confirmation. 

For more information how to protect yourself and the communities we serve, please visit