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Current engagement projects

We are currently consulting with the community on a number of projects.

Headstone reinstatement project, Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

We are seeking contact from the family or descendants of the individuals whose historic markers/headstones are being reinstated at the cemetery. If you are a family member or descendant of an individual buried at the Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery listed in the public notice, please contact us.

Footpath works in the VE vaults area, Fawkner Memorial Park

As part of footpath renewal works programme, we are undertaking maintenance and reconstruction of the internal footpaths in Fawkner Memorial Park's VE vaults area.

Plaza of the Holy Angels mausoleum, Fawkner Memorial Park

We commenced construction of Fawkner Memorial Park's new public mausoleum in May 2020. This new mausoleum will be located adjacent to the Atrium of Holy Angels mausoleum and will harmoniously complement the Holy Angels mausoleum. As part of the construction works some trees will need to be removed. Landscaping and new tree planting are part of the mausoleum construction plan. To provide your feedback click on this link and complete the survey.

Construction of a new addition to the mausoleum, Keilor Cemetery

We are responding to market demand and planning to build an extension to the Gallery of the Saints Mausoleum at Keilor Cemetery.

Book of Remembrance

We are seeking feedback from family members and loved ones who come to visit the Book of Remembrance currently located at Fawkner Memorial Park's Holy Angels Mausoleum.

If you would like to engage with us on any of these or future projects, please fill out the form below.

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