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Discover Cemeteries

Discover Cemeteries is an augmented reality tour app for visitors to Fawkner Memorial Park.

Discover the stories of Fawkner Memorial Park

Discover Cemeteries brings the park to life by sharing stories using animation, audio, video and augmented reality.

Using Discover Cemeteries and a smart phone, you can learn about the park’s historic locations. You will also hear the stories of some of the extraordinary people in our care.

When available the app will allow you to wander the cemetery freely or choose one of 2 guided tours:

  • Extraordinary lives part 1

  • Extraordinary lives part 2

At each ‘story point’ on your journey you will hear untold tales that reflect on Melbourne’s rich and diverse culture and history. Look for the Discover Cemeteries walking person to find your way.

How to get Discover Cemeteries

Discover Cemeteries will be available soon for iOS at the App Store or for Android at Google Play. When available you’ve simply download and install the app, and then you’re ready to explore!

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How to have the best journey

Fawkner Memorial Park is one of the largest historical cemeteries in Australia and it covers a lot of different terrain. To have the best experience, we recommend you:

  • wear good shoes, sunscreen and a hat

  • start tours with a fully-charged phone, use headphones and turn your screen brightness up to full

  • watch for cars, the park’s many animals and signed hazards

  • remember that Fawkner is a working cemetery and stay sensitive to people in mourning

  • have fun!

Learn more about Discover Cemeteries

When available you will be able to watch a video to learn more about the app and get a sneak preview of some of its stories.

Contact us

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