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Harkness development


A landmark design opportunity connecting past, present and future.

Community consultation for the new site at Harkness is now open! Learn more here.

We have appointed a suitably qualified consortium to work with us to develop a master plan for the greenfield site at Harkness.

The Consortium - Aurecon, Architectus, McGregor Coxall and Greenshoot Consulting

Our 128 hectare greenfield site at Harkness represents the largest cemetery development project in Victoria for 100 years, and it will serve Victoria’s communities for more than 100 years to come.

The Consortium will deliver our bold aspirations to undertake a broad, social values-based approach to the development of a master plan through a thorough engagement strategy that ensures the needs and aspirations of the site’s Traditional Owners, communities and stakeholders are listened to, understood, and reflected.

The master plan will consider multi-use purposes: treating the site as a valued community open space with a multitude of potential uses (in addition to a public cemetery), as well as transition over time to fulfil its potential to meet the burial and cremation needs of Victorians for the next 100 years.

As part of the master plan development a formal naming process will be undertaken.

The master plan design phases will commence in September 2021 with a deadline for completion in July 2022. The construction of Stage 1 will commence in line with GMCT’s agreed needs and following our funding and approvals process.

Our vision for the greenfields site at Harkness

"a trusted and reassuring sanctuary that evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and peace to connect people with the qualities of nature and community.”

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