Mission, vision and values

At GMCT, we lead by example through our vision, mission and values each and every day.

Our vision

Lasting memories, peaceful places.

Our mission

We provide the final care for your loved ones, with dignity and kindness. We respect all peoples, our heritage, our communities and the environment.

Our values


Whenever our support is needed, we are ready to be there, responding with sensitivity and kindness. We consider every situation to be unique, and strive to understand the needs of customers and colleagues so we can put them at the heart of everything we do.


We respect, support and recognise our colleagues so we can empower one another to do the same for the communities we serve. We respect the rights, traditions and beliefs of every individual, family, community and culture we work with.


We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of professionalism and compliance. We have the courage to hold ourselves to account, and recognise our individual and collective responsibility for ethical, honest and considered conduct.


Our cemeteries and memorial parks have been here for generations, and we plan to be here for generations to come. We use our resources wisely, plan effectively, and look after our environment and ourselves to ensure the GMCT story reaches into a more sustainable future.

Read more about out commitment to environmental sustainability here, and find out more about the GMCT vision in Looking back, thinking ahead.