Preston Mausoleum

Preston Cemetery's grand mausoleum is an expansive and impressive neo-classical tribute to the lives of those interred within.

Developed in three stages between 1996 and 2005, the final expansion made Preston Mausoleum the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Key features include its Mediterranean-style design, including several bell towers flanked by a large chapel. Throughout the mausoleum, beautiful marble and granite finishes are prominent, sourced from native Australian materials.

The mausoleum is characterised by an extensive double story gallery, a chapel, and stained glass windows that filter ample external light into its formal corridors.

Single, double, and tandem crypts are available.

Private family alcoves

A private family alcove within the Preston Mausoleum offers all the prestige and privacy of a standalone private mausoleum at a fraction of the cost. Set within the grand public mausoleum, these exclusive, gated wings provide an opportunity for families to personalise their own private sanctuaries for generations to come. The purchase price includes up to $50,000 of decoration, allowing families to personalise by choosing their own statuary, ornamentation and furniture. Set within the public mausoleum, the cost of maintaining and managing these alcoves is included in the purchase price, with no ongoing maintenance fees.