Guide to family history

Are you searching for the resting place of a family member or ancestor?

1.  Begin with a GMCT deceased search

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust manages 19 cemeteries and memorial parks in Melbourne, and our online deceased search or interactive mapping system allows you to find the specific location of a grave or cremation memorial, or whether a person’s ashes were scattered at one of our sites.

Our deceased search and mapping system includes interment and cremation records for all the cemeteries and memorial parks we look after, with the exception of Northcote Cemetery. Searches can be conducted using different combinations of available information such as first name, family name and cemetery location.

Our interactive mapping system displays available information and provides a detailed map indicating the specific location of the interment (where applicable).

TIP: If you are unsure where a relative is buried, search ‘all cemeteries’ in the first instance. Try alternate spellings, and consider that the names of cemeteries may have changed over time.

2.  Search online databases

There are a number of online databases that make historical records available to the general public, including:

3.  Try complementary sources

In addition to public databases, a number of complementary resources are available online, including:

4.  Find out more

Get in touch with your local cemetery’s friends group via our website, or contact us if you require additional assistance regarding your family history research.