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Headstones and monuments

A headstone or monument is a lasting memorial to your loved one, crafted by your choice of monumental stonemason.

Headstones and monuments can be quite traditional or very modern, and provide a highly customisable, sturdy and lasting way of commemorating your loved one.

Typically made of granite, marble or other decorative stonework, the headstone usually features an inscription and design elements that are meaningful to family and friends.

In some areas, a standard headstone is included when you purchase the grave, but in most areas a stonemason will need to be engaged to design and construct your headstone or monument.

Headstones are generally placed on lawn graves, or as part of a larger monument in monumental areas. Headstone lawn graves have a single, standalone headstone at the head of grave, whereas monumental graves have built up stone sidings with a stone ledger and often a larger, more ornate headstone.

In some headstone and monumental areas, foundations are provided for headstones or monumental masonry. In other areas, your stonemason will need to lay foundations before beginning construction.

How to arrange a headstone or monument

Once you're ready to take the next steps, you can engage a stonemason to create and install your preferred headstone or monument. Choosing a stonemason to create the right monument or headstone for your loved one is a personal choice, and you can take your time to find the right one.

However, stonemasons must be registered with us in order to work at our cemeteries and memorial parks. This certification process ensures all stonemasons and associated trades have safe work practices and comply will all health and safety requirements.

If your chosen stonemason has not registered with us, they will need to do so before commencing work on-site.

For a list of registered monumental stonemasons, click here. We encourage you to do your research, compare quotes and seek out a stonemason that suits you and your family. Don't forget to check what warranties and guarantees the stonemason provides.

Your stonemason works with us directly to make sure the design meets the regulations for the burial area, and to obtain a permit to install the headstone or monument. All headstones must meet the relevant Australian Standards and comply with relevant building codes. Cemetery fees associated with issuing permits are payable via your stonemason.

Did you know?

When you engage a stonemason to establish a monument or headstone, the person who owns the grave is directly responsible for maintaining the headstone and making sure it is safe. If the headstone or monument is damaged, it may be covered by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) under their cemetery trusts program.