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Pre-purchasing is an important part of planning ahead for peace of mind.

Those who are planning ahead for themselves or someone else often choose to pre-purchase their grave or cremation memorial directly from GMCT, and to pre-pay for the services associated with burial or cremation.

Pre-purchasing means cemetery costs are already paid-for when they're needed. Unlike funeral insurance, which can cost more over time than the funeral itself, pre-purchasing your plot and pre-paying for your services means you only pay for what you need.

Why pre-purchase?

Pre-purchasing allows you the opportunity to visit our cemeteries and memorial parks and make an informed decision about the arrangements you'd like to put in place for yourself or a loved one. This helps ensure the family members looking after the arrangements at the time of a burial or cremation have everything they need to make sure your wishes are followed.

  • When you purchase a grave or memorial in advance, you receive a certificate of entitlement that includes all the details of your right of interment.

  • When you pre-pay for the service charges associated with a burial or cremation service, you receive a service deed that can be redeemed at a future date.

These documents should be kept in a safe place with the details of your wishes so family and friends have everything they need. It is also beneficial to note the details of your Right of Interment, cremation or burial deed in your will.

In Victoria, the prices for cemetery plots and services is regulated by the State Government, and they increase by a certain percentage every year. Cemetery plots are also exempt from GST when purchased directly from a cemetery trust, but will attract GST when purchased from a funeral director. Purchasing from us now rather than through a funeral director at the time of the service can help keep costs down.

As land for cemetery developments becomes more scarce over time, future cemeteries will be located further away from metropolitan areas. If your family has a special connection to one of Melbourne's iconic cemeteries, pre-purchasing ensures you secure your place.

Products and services

The following products and services can be pre-purchased:

  • right of interment for a grave, cremation memorial or mausoleum crypt

  • cremation without a chapel service

  • cremation with a chapel service

  • chapel hire

  • interment fees for graves and cremation memorials

  • other service fees, including the removal of stone ledgers from existing graves

The full price list for all our cemeteries and memorial parks is available here.

If you are interested in attending an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss options for pre-purchasing, please contact us.

Payment plans

We offer payment plans for the pre-purchase of all products and services. Terms of 12 and 24 months are available. Applications exceeding $100,000 will be subject to negotiation. The terms are based on total spend.

Flexible Payment Plans

Price bands are effective 1 July 2022. Contact us for more information.

  • no interest for the life of plan

  • non-refundable payment plan establishment fee of $210

  • secure a right of interment at today’s price – avoid the annual CPI price increases

  • no products and services will be provided until the total amount has been paid in full

  • if a payment plan is cancelled, all instalments received will be returned, less applicable administration fees

  • monthly repayments by direct debit (1)

  • the terms and conditions of the executed payment plans are non-negotiable

(1) Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change.