Scattering cremated remains

Following a cremation you may ask us to scatter the ashes at one of our cemeteries or memorials parks, or scatter them yourself at a meaningful place.

Cremation is a popular option, and after the ceremony you and your family will need to decide what to do with the ashes. This is an important and personal decision. We recommend you take the time to make the right decision.

If you choose to scatter the ashes, GMCT can arrange to scatter them for you in one of our cemeteries or memorial parks. The ashes can also be collected and kept in an ornamental urn, scattered in a meaningful place, or have them interred in a cremation memorial or an established grave.

We maintain dedicated areas within our cemetery grounds for the scattering of cremated remains. To find out about your options for scattering within our cemeteries and memorial parks, please click here.

Where can I scatter ashes?

If you wish to collect the ashes from us, or from your funeral director, you may choose to scatter them on your own property, for example in your home garden. There is no restriction on this, though it is recommended that you scatter the ashes over a wide area and low to the ground, around the base of plants to avoid the ashes adhereing to the leaves, as some plants can be affected by cremated remains.

In Victoria, there is no central authority that issues permits for the scattering of ashes in public places. There may be varying local requirements when it comes to scattering ashes in places such as public beaches, public gardens, national or state parks, or private properties such as sporting grounds, historic sites, or private gardens. For example, it is not permitted to scatter ashes at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, or at the MCG.

When scattering ashes somewhere other than your own property, it is important that you contact the owner or relevant authority to obtain their approval prior to scattering (this includes scattering ashes within the grounds of a GMCT cemetery). It is also advisable to consider others who may be in the vicinity at the time you are scattering, and to undertake scattering at a quiet and peaceful time when the family can enjoy a moment of private reflection. We also advise against scattering during rainy or windy days.

Scattering memorials

Scattering in beautiful bush land or landscape is a meaningful way to say goodbye to your loved one, but it is important to consider that in future years you or your family may wish to have somewhere to visit. No matter where you choose to scatter the ashes, you can always establish a memorial and place a plaque at your local cemetery or memorial park. Take a look at what we offer, and contact us for more information.