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Visiting a cemetery can be an emotional time, but it's important to remember that cemeteries are public places and we need to pay attention to our personal safety and the security of our belongings.

Incidences of vehicle break-ins and the theft of property are rare, but unfortunately do occur from time to time. We continuously monitor and improve security measures within our cemeteries and memorial parks, and work closely with police and our communities to ensure the safety and security of our visitors and staff.

The following tips can help ensure we keep our cemeteries safe and secure.

Out of hours assistance

If you are at one of our cemeteries and need after hours security assistance, please call 1300 202 224 to contact our security provider.

If you require emergency assistance at any time, please call 000.

Secure your valuables

As you prepare to leave your car, take a good look around to see if anyone is watching. Ensure you completely remove any valuables, or at least hide them from view. Where possible, leave valuable items at home.  

Lock your vehicle

Sometimes families park their cars close to where they are visiting, and the car may even be in plain view. Please remember not to leave your keys in the ignition or leave the car doors unlocked, even for a moment.

Remember: Never leave children, pets or elderly relatives in a locked vehicle.

We have implemented a range of measures to help create a safer and more secure cemetery environment. These include:

  • CCTV cameras in key positions

  • Regular, recurring mobile security patrols

  • Alarm monitoring 24/7

  • Security training for GMCT staff

  • Access control to restricted areas