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Ten tips for good self-care

Self-care is more important now than ever. Here are our top ten self-care tips to help you.

1. Put yourself first - Make looking after yourself the priority. By looking after yourself first, you will then be better able to support those around you if needed.

2. Rest and relaxation - Be kind to your body – make time to do things that are relaxing, e.g. sleeping, listening to music, massage, having a bath or meditation.

3. Healthy eating - Try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

4. Physical activity - Try to build a sustainable amount of physical activity into your daily routine. Even a 30-minute walk can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

5. Social connections - Make the effort to regularly engage with friends, family and your local community. This can be as simple as having coffee with a work colleague, phoning a friend, joining a local club or having a chat over the fence with a neighbour.

6. Do activities that give you pleasure - Set time aside to do the things that you enjoy; this could be anything – reading a book, gardening, going to the movies, playing the piano, riding a bike, etc.

7. Go outside - Embrace the great outdoors – fresh air and sunlight (Vitamin D) can help to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

8. Talk - Telling your story can be healing. Talk to someone supportive and understanding about your grief journey.

9. Healthy relationships - Spend your time and energy on positive relationships. Ask yourself: Do my existing relationships create meaning and comfort in my life or are they unhealthy?

10. If you need help, ask - Help is available if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask or find out what is available.

It’s never too late to seek help Grief doesn’t have a timeline – it’s OK to admit you are struggling with your grief, whether it be weeks, months, years or even decades after the death.

Where can I find help?

  • Friends and family

  • GP and/or health professional

  • Community health service

  • Counselling or a support group

  • Telephone helplines, e.g. Lifeline: 13 11 14

This content was produced in partnership with Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement