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What to expect

For many of us, cemeteries are not places we think about or visit very often. The information below can help you understand what to expect when attending a cemetery.

Visiting a grave or memorial

In the days, weeks, months and years after a funeral service, family members and friends may wish to visit the grave or memorial of their loved one.

When you visit one of our cemeteries or memorial parks, you should expect to find a quiet and peaceful place to reflect. We ask all visitors to respect the important role cemeteries play in providing peaceful places for quiet reflection, and to be mindful of other visitors.

Following a burial, it is normal for the earth to settle over time. Our staff will add additional soil according to our normal schedule, but this natural process can be unpredictable. If you visit a grave and notice the earth has settled, please contact us to arrange for maintenance.

Cemeteries as open public spaces

You don't have to be attending a funeral or memorial to visit our cemeteries and memorial parks. Our cemeteries are some of the largest green spaces within Melbourne's busy urban environment, and they are here for our communities to enjoy.

Members of our local communities visit for a variety of reasons:

  • dog walking, jogging, cycling and exercise

  • coffee catch-ups with family and friends

  • guided and self-guided historical tours

  • family history and genealogy research

  • mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing

Cemeteries are also a great place for members of our diverse communities to come together for a range of events.