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Holy Angels Mausoleum

The Holy Angels Mausoleum features three galleries dedicated to the archangels Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, plus the Atrium of the Holy Angels. Construction has commenced on the Plaza of the Holy Angels mausoleum.

The Plaza of the Holy Angels will be located adjacent to the Atrium of Holy Angels, comprising approximately 1,800 mausoleum crypts arranged in single, double and tandem configurations.

The theme of the new mausoleum is motherhood, as exemplified by the Holy Mother, and the role of motherhood in the nurturing and healing of both body and mind. Each of its eighteen galleries is dedicated to a woman of faith who has devoted her life to the nurturing, caring and healing of others, including a bronze statue of the Holy Mother.

Designed so natural sunlight will softly filter through the galleries, some will feature skylights with ornate stained glass that will bathe the crypts in coloured light.  At the entrance to each gallery the names of loved ones will be memorialised with individual bronze plaques. 

The openness of the galleries provides a close connection with nature, where landscaped gardens offer seating for personal contemplation and reflection. 

For further information download a copy of the Plaza of the Holy Angels Mausoleum brochure and watch the video below in English or Italian.